Sunday, September 26, 2010

Decisions Decisions.............& Pendants!

I had a birthday Friday! No, I'm not telling my age! My girlfriends took me out to a really nice restaurant on the River and I had a great meal! Saturday morning I taught a resin class and as you can see from the pictures, I've got lots of cool resin pendants ready to be made into jewelry pieces.

Now, my decision. I can't decide between purchasing a new Canon Rebel TS1 or Canon Rebel TS2? I went out to Best Buy to purchase the Rebel TS1 and of course there was a professional photographer I was directed to and he told me how awesome the movie feature on the new TS2 was. Well, it was about $175 MORE than I wanted to spend and I just couldn't decide so I walked out WITHOUT a new camera. If anyone out there has one of these camera's I would love to hear from you. Do I REALLY need HD quality movies from my camera? Will it get cheaper closer to Christmas. I hate indecisiveness and I'm bombarded by it right now!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bezels & Etching

I have been sooooo busy making bezels and etching. A couple of my friends that I teach jewelry making with came over Friday night and we had tons of stamps between us and we stamped and etched all evening. It was so much fun. Then I made some of these bezels on Sunday and soldered them together tonight. I placed my etched pieces in liver of sulfer and ran them through the tumbler and they came out so cool. I'll get a picture of them all etched and finished. I'm teaching an Ice Resin class this Saturday so I needed to get some samples together. I have been having so much fun.......but my house is a mess!!!! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Loving the Weather :)

We had some cooler weather blow in last night and the weather is so beautiful. Sam and I went walking the neighbor barefoot in the dark and it was so much sweating going on. I've got plans for camping tonight then back to making some jewelry....thinking about etching some more and making some Resin Pendants. I've got a class coming up in a couple of weeks and want to make lots of samples to show the students.

Hope you enjoy this 3 day weekend!