Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Almost a New Year!

It's December 29th, my son turns 11 years old today! It's so hard to imagine he's growing up so fast. He's sitting at home with his good friend Andrew and they're playing some new video games on Sams new TV. He's having a sleep over tonight, I bought the boys some candy (yes candy), and other junk food, popcorn, "pop".....everything I know is a special treat for my sons big day! We had such a good time in Illinois visiting family, it's so hard to say "good-bye".

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Almost Christmas & a Sprained Ankle!

I am so glad I had all my Christmas shopping finished before Friday afternoon! What a week! I was asked to bring my jewelry to my son's elementary school and I did on the day I was there for his Christmas Party. However, several teachers and staff did not get to visit me during that time so I was asked to bring it back the next day.

Well, As I was leaving the school, I was loaded down with my son's leftover Birthday Donuts, my 2 wheel cart with my jewelry displays inside, Sams coat, my coat and a purse. I was walking down to the parking lot (and someone was parked in front of the "no ridge walkeway) so I had to walk behind that car and I swear......the next thing I know is I'm laying flat out in the parking lot of my son's school. Fortunately it was 3:45 pm and there weren't many parents, kids or teachers left and of course the few that were there (thank God) were friends and they all came running over to help me! It was like a slow motion movie and when they got there, I couldn't even get up without their aid. I was too shocked to be embarrassed but when I got home within a few hours I was in a lot of pain and I ended up spraining my ankle!

What a way to start out the holiday season but I am optomistic. I'm going to take advantage of "sitting around" watching TV! My new laptop has been delivered to my Mom and Dad's house so I'll have something to do when I get to Illinois!

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas! I know I will! Merry Christmas to you all!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Open House is Thursday!

I'm getting ready for my Open House this Thursday! It is so much work to get it together and afterwards I'm so exhausted! But I love selling my jewelry and then investing the money in some new jewelry making ideas! Really need to work on making soldered charms....the ones with a picture between two microscope glass. And I'm wanting to make some more Rosary Type necklaces. Just finished "The Living Christmas Tree" last night so I feel somewhat behind on getting my Christmas presents together. Sam is getting so big (he'll be 11 years old on the 29th) it's getting a bit hard to pick out gifts! And my husbands birthday is December 11th, Can You Say "Broke"?