Sunday, January 23, 2011

4 Days Off!

Four days off.....Thursday and Friday due to a winter storm. I think I left the house cozy inside when there's snow covering the ground. And of course my son had a blast with no school, lots of snow and a new sled! I did work on some resin for my next class I'm teaching at the Beadles! So much fun!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning New Things!

Boy, time has gotten away from me. I haven't made one piece of jewelry this year, but I did teach a riveting class this last Saturday and the class was so fun and the girls did such an awesome job. I'm going to take some of the pictures to the Beadles to show off their work! What I have been doing is working on my new camera and photoshop elements. I'm overwhelmed with it all but I'm starting a photography class Monday evening and I'm doing a Photoshop Elements free mini-skinny class by Kim Klassen that is helping me learn photoshop elements. Having fun, learning a lot but haven't been posting. I'll try to do better! Oh, and my husband had a completely new knee replacement so he's keeping me busy as well!